Don't Look Now ½

Part of my 20 least favorite film viewing experiences list.

There's a rumor Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie's sex scene in this film is unsimulated. Which would explain his creepy smug smile that he makes. It's also about the only genuinely scary moment in this film that constantly works against any tension or nightmarishness the film occasionally provides with goofy atonal moments. None more so than the bizarre and laughable ending that had me almost chuckling.

Muddled, interminable, and a damned waste of the acting talents of Julie Christie (I pretty much can't stand Donald S.). If I were to choose a single movie as the anti-Reuben (me) film, this might be the one. It feels almost designed for me not to like it. Which is actually sort of interesting when you think about it.

I guess that's why I'd rather watch something I hate than something I was indifferent toward.

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