Man - Woman Wanted

For the month of May, at least for all of my "May the World Be with You" films (I’m doing my 30 for 30 in May), I will be cribbing my friend ghostdinosaur's list making style of review to make the challenge easier and less time consuming.

Things I like about Man - Woman Wanted:
1. The color grading. Very bright!
2. Shuffling through high art.
3. Shot from below the desk, but the chair is eye level.
4. “I’ll paint a whole series of hands! Male, female! Black, white!”
5. Man dressed as a woman gets harassed. Understanding sexism in the most obvious form but ok!
6. Kid’s astronaut costume. Limitations in the budget of this movie make it look like something a child would actually make.
7. What an awesome painting in the kid’s room.
8. Lotta cool art direction (like in this art museum scene).
9. Walking away from an artist who won’t stop talking about himself.
10. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“A hustler.”
11. Funny head in a sewer gag.

Things I dislike about Man - Woman Wanted:
1. Intense musical stings!
2. 70s style cinematography tropes
3. Men in dresses are funny!!!
4. “Remember what he was like in commercials before he was a husband?”
5. Guy wants man in dress to be a woman olympian because a shitty man is of course way more athletic than the strongest and most athletic women in the world.
6. Ignore 5 for like, it has turned into “assault” jokes.
7. Lotta unfunny jokes in this comedy!
8. I think this movie was made to justify the phony fears of terfs.
9. Secret experiments.
10. Man is amazed woman (actually man in drag) has knowledge!!!
11. Random encounter solves the plot!
12. This guy is a big jerk!!
13. Wait where does this capper come from???

Perhaps at the time this seemed progressive, a man experiences sexism against women! But it is, of course, transphobic and because a man is the one always frustrating the stereotypes about women, it is still very sexist! What a shitty movie!