The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

I love a good psychological horror film, and this was total batshit insanity.

The Lighthouse is a slow roll, that continually picks up its pace with twisted images and ominous words from our two lighthouse keepers, as isolation and paranoia grate their sanity.  Time and reality slip from the characters, as much as the audience itself.

The praise for the two leads, both Pattinson and Dafoe, is necessary.  Dafoe’s accent, delivery, physical acting, and facial expressions, all bring Thomas to life.  Pattinson’s facial expressions, especially the eyes, sell his descent into madness perfectly.

Beautifully shot, often unsettling, sprinkled with bits of humor, and above all its authentic. From its aspect ratio, to the dialogue, set and costume, and shot composition, this film feels as though it’s from another century.  Robert Egger’s love for the craft is positively palpable.

So much to unpack.  Plenty of interpreting to do, as there are plenty of cryptic visuals and sequences.  Nonetheless, this is a film worth revisiting over and over again, if not for the atmosphere alone.

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