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This review is a smidge different from usual. I'm not rating this movie based on how much I like it, but rather how proud I am of it. Why am I doing that? Because this is a short film that I made with some friends of mine. That being said, the only credit I can take is lead actor. In this short, I play a man who comes to a very personal location with his brother, and this was a short that I was always attached to. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I dealt with a similar loss to what my character dealt with earlier that year, maybe it was because it was different than any other short film I'd worked on with these guys before, or maybe it's just because this is the short film that I still can't help but feel proud of all this time later. Almost a year after the short was originally uploaded, we've somehow managed to garner over 400 views on it, and I couldn't be happier. I'm overall pleased with mine and Ben Nichol's performances. I absolutely ADORE Zach Weiner's beautiful cinematography. Seriously, I'm still blown away by how great this movie looks. I'm happy with the story and with the strange execution of it, and while that story may not have been as executed as perfectly as we would have liked and while there are still inconsistencies in our performances overall, it's still a very dramatic project that was unlike anything I'd ever done before, and I loved it for that. I'm still so, so happy with this movie all these years later, and I have to give special thanks to Townes Bakke and fellow Letterboxd user RowanHarper for directing and co-writing this thing. I will never not be proud of this movie. If you want to, go check it out at and see what you think. Personallly, I still really enjoy it.

Letter Grade: A-

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