Cinderella ★★★★

Well, I'm finally back with a review. It's not a full-on film review, but hopefully this will tide you over until I finally get the chance to watch another movie. There seem to be a couple different versions of this short on YouTube alone, including a 24 minute one with no music, but if you want to watch the version I watched, you can find it at

After watching Hugo thanks to the request of my friend and fellow Letterboxd user RowanHarper, he's been catching up on watching shorts from Georges Melies. He told me he wanted to watch a short film of his with me and he told me to pick one that we would watch together. I picked this one because the title intrigued me, and lo and behold, here's my review on it. This is my introduction to Melies and I gotta say, this film is still actually pretty impressive over a CENTURY later. Heck, it's 120 years old!!! I don't know how this holds up so well, but it does. Cendrillon contains stunning practical effects, pretty stable and seamless editing considering the time period this was made in, and is a very interesting retelling of the classic tale of Cinderella. It's got great costumes, a pretty good capturing of the fairy tale world, and is all-and-all a joy to watch, especially looking at the early history of film. I got very confused about what happened in the final two minutes or so, but other than that, this actually holds up surprisingly well. I'm definitely interested in checking out more of Melies' stuff.

Letter Grade: A-

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