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  • Notorious



    I saw this movie a while ago before I really appreciated the medium of classic, black-and-white films. This was probably around the time I started to respect them more, but I definitely needed more experience with classic films. Now, watching it again, I think Notorious is a really fun film with great performances (particularly a standout from Ingrid Bergman), great writing, and a really good sense of drama. The film suffers today from some dated aspects and in general, the…

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind


    You know what? I think I need to see this movie again sometime in the future. Maybe part of it was still being fatigued after yesterday's wave of reviews, maybe part of it was I just didn't feel the movie, but to be completely honest, I could not get invested in the story for the life of me. I have absolutely no idea why because on a technical level, this is my kind of movie. It has some great moments…

  • Circus Person

    Circus Person


    I don't know why, but this short really resonated with me. I found Circus Person to be an incredibly personal exploration into the turmoil of affairs and the consequences that come out of it, and I thought Britt Lower's voice, direction, writing, and performance were actually pretty spot-on here. The cinematography and body paint is gorgeous, there's some really great humor here (although I'm not sure the subtitled fish jokes have a place in this story), and I overall just…

  • Cru - Raw

    Cru - Raw


    I'll be honest, I think I'm just getting tired. This is yet another instance of a well-filmed, well acted short with some pretty good tension sprinkled throughout, but one where I just didn't feel as invested in the short as I should have been. When I think about it a bit more, the ending is actually pretty creative, but I personally feel as if a lot of hygiene codes are being broken in this kitchen and if they were managed…

  • No More Wings

    No More Wings


    This was definitely a very charming venture into the idea of a friendship meeting its final days, not because either of the parties are mad at each other, but because their lives are simply moving on. The story isn't always investing and in all honesty, I couldn't understand some of the dialogue in the first few minutes of this short film, but overall, it's a very well-directed and charming little short that I think will get its audience to smile. Check out this Tribeca short film aired for the We Are One Film Festival YouTube channel at and see what you think.

    Letter Grade: B+

  • Motorcycle Drive By

    Motorcycle Drive By


    All this short film is is an exploration of the band Third Eye Blind with a focus on their most beloved song Motorcycle Drive By. If you're a fan of Third Eye Blind and you want to see some behind-the-scenes tour footage of the band, then this short is definitely for you. If you're not a fan of the band (like I'm not because I've never personally explored their music), then this might even bore you. Honestly, I was just…

  • When I Write It

    When I Write It


    I think this short film might have just struck a personal chord with me (no pun intended) simply because it feels so authentic and it explores the aspirations of teenagers who love making art, and I personally found it incredibly intriguing watching these two young teens talk to each other about their art and their lives. I think the events that unfolded here were genuine, but the film strides the line so perfectly between documentary short and narrative short that…

  • Toto



    I think I'm dumb for just not understanding the point of this movie. After reading the synopsis once I finished this short, I honestly didn't feel the film really landed that point or made me feel like that's what it was trying to say. The acting and camerawork are pretty good and Nana and Toto are both likable characters, but I didn't really care as much for the granddaughter character and felt that a dance sequence involving her and Toto…

  • The Light Side

    The Light Side


    Yeah, I suppose the exploration of this film's topics was pretty surface level, wasn't it? I don't know, though, I personally found quite a bit to enjoy in this interesting little short film. I liked the main actor, I found the camerawork to be pretty solid, and even though the special effects weren't great, they were pretty good considering the probable budget of this thing. It does take some suspension of disbelief about how this movie could have taken place,…

  • Egg



    At first, I was interested in where this short film was going. A date at a restaurant could lead to some interesting comedic potential. Then the movie suddenly turns into the journey of an egg and I'm thinking to myself, "Wait, what? This is the short film now?" Then a scene involving a truck being shot at with machine guns happens and I realized the exact kind of short film this is. I cracked up for about another 5 straight…

  • Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records

    Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records


    I actually started this movie BEFORE I watched The Vast of Night, but was interrupted and couldn't finish the last 15 minutes of the movie for another 4 HOURS! Well, we're here now, and honestly, all I really have to say about this documentary is that it was a fun, first-time watch that made me appreciate the reggae genre a lot more. I've never had anything against reggae, but it's probably my least listened-to genre of music (at least, that…

  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night


    My parents and I were curious about this movie because of what we'd heard about it: a bunch of people came together to make a film, tried pitching it to various studios, and couldn't find anybody who wanted it. When it was finally accepted at Slamdance Film Festival and premiered there, somebody with connections loved the film, it got bought by Amazon, and now Andrew Patterson can get his name known by a ton of people because of that deal.…