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  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    One of the first few blurays I purchased back in 2009-2010, tonight I decided to give this a spin for the second time. This is still my preferred film version of the story, having read the novel as well. I will have to rewatch Fincher’s adaptation, but from what I can recall, his style didn’t jive with me due to his fast paced editing and heavy handed cinematography.

    This film blends empathy quite well with action and mystery. It is…

  • Darkman



    Wow, this is a perfect blend of horror, action and superhero genres. Love Sam Raimi’s style, and I was itching to hear more Batman-like orchestration from Danny Elfman.

    The character of Batman’s Teo-Face has always been an interesting villain to me, only because it’s hard to see him truly as evil as his appearance let’s on. I love how Darkman allows Nielsen to have some reflection moments on whom he might be becoming, but choosing to try and hold onto the…

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  • The Bad News Bears

    The Bad News Bears


    An honest and oddly fun 70’s film that doesn’t shy away from showing an alcoholic baseball coach (Mathau) looking after a kid softball team. There’s no siss-boom-bah “hooray for growing” bullshit being slung around here. Hell, Coach Walter Mathau drives his car with a broken windshield after one of the kids accidentally breaks it. The kids don’t have any heart to hearts, they simply attempt to solve their differences in the way kids do. Do they see the good in…

  • The Fear

    The Fear


    A quaint mid 90s ensemble horror film, without the budget for exciting cinematography and some subpar writing, it gets the job done well enough. A psychology minor attempts to understand fear a little better with the help of a group of volunteers from all walks of life.

    The totem wooden man featured prominently on the poster art, enjoys a more enigmatic presence in this film. Those hoping for a psychopathic wooden murdering machine will be disappointed to know that aspect…