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  • Memento Stella

    Memento Stella

    A tranquillizing thousand-layer peace prayer that propels the viewer into an extraterrestrial consciousness of unity and peace. After witnessing humankind tear apart due to various situations, Takashi’s ambition was to create a reverberating sensorial piece that could stimulate or enlighten any human on the planet. His objective was to unite common landscapes and colours, hence he captured images that cannot be identified by where they were shot. When he took his films around the world he captured tons of images…

  • At the Horizon

    At the Horizon

    AT THE HORIZON is an exemplary collaboration of filmmakers with two unique cinematic languages. Manuel Knapp is a computer animator heavily vested on vectors, grids and other geometrical elements, on the other hand Takashi Makino plays with multiple exposures, dimensions, reveries and sonic visuals. Abstraction is an element that unites both artists, and when their individual works are interbred into a final piece of cinema, the outcome is hermetically mind-altering. These are two people who’ve abandoned imposed structural cinema and…

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  • Black Mother

    Black Mother

    "Africa is the land of the sun-god, and Jamaica is the island in the sun.”

    Khalik Allah with BLACK MOTHER has assembled a documentary that is strikingly expressionistic travelogue-like plunge into the vicinity of Jamaica. It is a comfortable hour and a quarter long (rushy, at times), but is expansive in terms of the themes covered - culture, spirituality, music, health, prostitution and poverty.

    “I’m a black beautiful woman, and I’m not gonna change my colour.”

    One of the most…

  • It Has to Be Lived Once and Dreamed Twice

    It Has to Be Lived Once and Dreamed Twice

    A mind-bending neuroanatomical experience by navigating through the labyrinth of a transhumanist psyche, post sixth great apocalypse. A bioengineered replicant deconstructs the genesis of artificial intelligence, concocted algorithms, interweaved memories and decodes the history of homo-sapiens, body and mind from an ethnographic standpoint.

    Rainer Kohlberger has invented his own language of visual storytelling in experimental cinema - majorly composed of computer generated distortions, digital strobing and grey video static. Just imagine a visual of sea waves quietly hitting the shore,…