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  • iBoy



    A boy gets shot and he magically turns into Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs because his phone parts got stuck in his head.
    I know that sounds dumb but the movie is even dumber. A few redeeming moments here and there but sparse and too far between.
    Writer magically gives the MC whatever power he needs as the story goes along so he could survive it's fucking hilarious.

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    this movie feels more like an emotion than a story
    and that's not a bad thing :)

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  • Coherence



    Rarely you see indie passion projects hitting these kind of heights.
    Brilliant mind-bending , reality-twisting movie ! I have no words to describe my shock after I found out this was an indie movie done by one guy without a crew , just with his friends.
    The thing with most movies that float around this specific genre , is that most of the times they get too complex and things get out of hand leaving us with handful of potholes.…

  • Enemy



    Enemy - 30 Second Review

    ->> Atmospheric , everything is drowned in a gold/yellowish color pallet.
    ->> Feels like more of a puzzle than a movie , on first viewing you might be thinking what the fuck is happening and why do these people act this way , but there's a hidden explanation to everything and if you manage to figure things out on your own , great cause I sure didn't.
    ->> Pacing is extremely slow and…