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This review may contain spoilers.

the way people were talking about this film, i expected it to have no plot and be solely just... sex. i had very low hopes but i am pleasantly surprised watching this. the camera work is beautiful, the editing timeless, and the music!!! wow. 

i absolutely adored the first half; i had no idea this film would be so melancholy, so beautiful. it’s gotta be up there on my mental list of great films with shitty main characters 😳

of course it has its faults; the dialogue is often laughable and fake-deep but it’s amusing all the same. despite this, i really like the scene towards the end when they reflect on their relationship and talk about when they first met. it’s the kind of closure you hope for when you lose someone. i love those pure moments, talking about love. yes, some of it is pretentious and weirdly hollow, but these moments intertwined with the sex scenes (both so intimate) seem to work pretty well. 

and at the end i can feel it. i feel his hope, his pain, his sorrow, his guilt, his regret. and i find myself hoping with him that she’s safe after all.

“a love story can last for long but passion cannot because it's physically exhausting.” — gaspar noé

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