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  • Shall We Dance

    Shall We Dance


    Bear with me, this is gonna be very emotional and potentially very embarrassing, but right now I don't care.

    Yesterday was a bad day for me, a day of many tearsβ€”like many of my days. I came home, made a salad and did what I always do when I need some comfortβ€”I turned to Fred Astaire. I began watching Shall We Dance, but last night not even that worked, on the contrary, it made me even sadder, and my obsession…

  • White Woman

    White Woman

    One of those movies that I didn't particularly like but where I find my desktop cluttered with screenshots afterwards. I'm a sucker for these pre-codes set in exotic locations, they're always so raw and sultry, and everybody always look so amazing in those 30s outfits.

    Every time I see Carole Lombard I wanna say she's never been more luminous but then I think what a ridiculous statement, 'cause she's never not luminous. Hers is a beauty that's truly coming from…

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  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    The Passion of Joan of Arc

    Robert De Niro sure hasn't aged much since 1928.

  • Regression


    Dear Mr. AmenΓ‘bar,

    If you read this please leave your PayPal account information in the comments. I wanna send you 150 bucks. Please use it for a class in subtlety. And if there's any money left, buy Mr. Hawke a beer or two for trying to save your ass. And maybe consider making your next movie about a guy buying a toaster if you're so easily overwhelmed by anything more complex.

    Kindest regards,

    PS: Come to think of it, I would actually love to see a movie about Ethan Hawke buying a toaster.