Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Up until last week, I had no interest in seeing Knives Out.

Last week I saw Daniel Craig on SNL, he made me laugh three times, and just like that I suddenly had a crush on a guy that I'd always considered a poor man’s Steve McQueen.

In all these years the media has been trying to sell him to me as this suave James Bond type, I couldn’t have cared less. But then he goes and makes a fool of himself in a few lame SNL sketches, and BAM!—my punani reacts.

Punanis need to be fed, so today I watched this film. Despite not really being a fan of classic murder mysteries, on whose shoulders this film clearly stands, I found Knives Out just delightful—one could even say it’s a donut of a film. 

I also found it touching at times and original in its choices; I loved that Marta pukes if she lies, that was a nice touch that tells you a lot about her character in a single stroke, so it’s well written, too. Casting was perceptive and unusual, all the performances were great, making it a well-balanced ensemble film. On top of everything else it was stylish as hell.

But the highlight for me was Daniel Craig in tweed and glasses, and those first few silver streaks in his blond hair. And he was so funny! Can he make more comedies, please?

Nonetheless, don’t be too surprised if you suddenly catch me logging a bunch of Bond films.

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