Victory ★★★½

Talk about a misleading poster... this is far from innocent!

Based on a novel by Joseph Conrad, this silent film might begin with a kitty, but after that we're quickly introduced to an anarchic world filled with odd, mysterious and even sleazy people (for example there is an androgynous character referred to as "The General" who looks like he stepped out of a Madonna video circa 1992 when she was going through her BDSM phase). We don't really know where any of these people came from, but they're all thrown together in an isolated part in the South Seas, and there's a volcano erupting in the background which only adds to the seething atmosphere. It's all kinda violent and dangerous but also sultry and sexy. Jack Holt and Lon Chaney are particularly sexy, the latter almost unrecognizable without his usual crazy make-up, kinda looking like an unwashed, ill-behaved Gregory Peck, or what Gregory Peck would look like if he was my type.

I find it hard to put this film into words, so here a few pictures:
Cute lil kitty
Lon Chaney with mustache and open shirt
Poetic image of loner Jack Holt reading
Gorgeous image of Seena Owen doing her hair

Anyways, this was a fascinating film!
If you don't believe me, go and watch it yourself.

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