Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★

Imagine an alternate universe where, rather than being "mentored" by an arrogant sociopath who has created about one-third of all the villains in the MCU (including the Vulture, here) and who programs an INSTANT KILL MODE into a suit he built for a FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD; instead, Peter is mentored by another formerly-scrawny, bullied, poor New York City dork who just wants to do the right thing....

Tony Stark may be Peter's hero, but Steve Rogers is his kindred spirit. Maybe that's why I like this movie so much.

P.S. The Captain America PSAs were clearly written by people with no actual understanding of Steve Rogers as a character. "The only way to really be cool is to follow the rules"??? Whatever, Mr. Falsified His Enlistment Form, Went AWOL, and Overthrew the Government (my baby).

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