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This review may contain spoilers.

okay, I will admit that I thought (and still think!) that KNIVES OUT is just okay. I found it 1) a little cloying 2) a bit overwhelmed by its cast size and 3) not colorful enough and/or not reminiscent enough of CLUE (1985). however... this! every issue I have ever had with Rian Johnson has suddenly magically disappeared. it has dissipated into nothing. this is brilliant and very charming and exhilarating. Craig seems even more comfortable in the role this time and is just so endearing that I almost feel ill thinking of him. the ensemble cast is perfect and are at such great odds with each other, I keep on endeavoring to pick one out but I think they are all so great that the exercise is pointless.

Hugh Grant cameo MUST become a mainstay. MORE of Benoit Blanc's exasperated and very normal British gay husband.

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