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This review may contain spoilers.

The first time I saw it and the twist came at the end to be honest I had fully expected some sort of twist of that nature. I remember thinking that in a movie where everyone has a doppelgänger there’s no chance that there’s not gonna be some type of switcharoo at some stage & when it happened I was a little bit iffy on how much it really made sense/was intergrated and it felt a little tacked on but holy shit watching it back a 2nd time I loved it so much more because it’s SO CLEARY & CLEVERLY TELEGRAPHED the whole way through !! So many little details about her behavior, things she says, things she notices, what we see as her memories, some of the specific things her shadow/tethered says. Ugh there are SO MANY clues on a rewatch and it is glorious. There are many movies that offer a great rewatch but this one for me was literally a million times better on rewatch and is maybe one of the only movies I’ve ever see that I would say is actually ESSENTIAL to rewatch !!

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