The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★½

simultaneously exactly what i thought it would be but also surprisingly refreshing, but maybe that's because my expectations were fairly low going due to the previous (other?) instalment. the sprinkling of bad language, in-situ chapter titles and gore helps to add the fun and authorship that was so blatantly missing last time, and the upgraded cast here are talented enough to give it the weight and humour it deserves. i might be very easy to please, but i think it's pretty hard not to be even a little bit charmed by a movie that has an ugly weasel, a starfish as the villain and commentary about how corrupt the us government is. also eternally grateful that this didn't make me develop a crush on pete davidson, as he is one of the only white boys of the month that i have managed to avoid thus far, and i'm hoping to keep it that way.

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