anna kendrick lamar

anna kendrick lamar


30, NB, #horror gang, professional ghoul, directed this film.

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  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3

    Drop Venom, drop the Sandman, drop the amnesia, drop the retcons. Open with Peter proposing to Mary Jane. If the previous film quotes the ending of The Graduate, this one should explore the question of whether or not Ben and Elaine’s romance can survive a world that still needs Spider-Man. Further establish Peter’s relationship with Dr. Connors. Harry lurks in the shadows, funding Connors’ research in exchange for Connors repairing and revamping Norman Osborn’s tech. Multiple scuffles with a power-mad…

  • AmeriGeddon


    Arlo and I have watched a lot of bad movies over the years, but this is the first time the laughs (of which there are many) became so thoroughly tainted by the creators’ depressing worldview. The great Diane Ladd features prominently, which is even more of a bummer.

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  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    Its visuals are massive, but its heart is absolutely (story of a girl) the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. Buy the ticket, take the ride, see you on the other side.

  • Men



    Much like Annihilation, Men is not the kind of film that lends itself to a quick insta-react, for its discussion will surely continue in the minds of viewers for days afterward. Likewise, the sensation it left this viewer with was exactly the one Annihilation inspired: “I feel very bad, but it was very good.” I’ve yet to see Devs, but this easily stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Garland’s other features, and I especially enjoyed how often it allowed him to play with…