Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★½

It is, by design, a movie of the moment. As the movie itself would argue is also by design, that moment is in the final stages of having passed. Adam McKay’s latest anarchic satire lacks the wit and elegance of his cinematic forebears—Mike Nichols and Paddy Chayefsky, to name only a couple—and its pacing certainly suffers from all of the deleted scenes making the cut. Still, watching a murderer’s row of our finest actors contribute to such a bleak narrative is inherently interesting, and the longer it played, the more I laughed at its noxious gags and the more I found myself moved by its perspective. “I get it” is among the most basal reactions one can have to comedy, and “I agree” is arguably even lower, but the most nihilistic part of my brain loved seeing this and knowing it got pumped directly into millions of holiday gatherings, some of which will get it, some of which will agree, and most of which won’t give a shit. If that was the goal, mission accomplished. Amen.

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