Django Unchained ★★★½

Dear Mr. Tarantino,
I rather enjoyed your film, but that's because I had been warned that it was much too long, gratuitously violent, and that the n-word was used everywhere it could be and then some. The story was a great adventure, I was never going to drop off in the middle of it even though it would have been less flabby if you had trimmed ¾ of an hour off it. I'm not sure that your film is the best way to get people to talk about slavery, the comedic elements don't, in my opinion leave us with that option, and slavery has been well covered previously in film.
Yours sincerely
p.s. This isn't your fault, but the cinema screen we saw your film in had curtains that didn't pull back properly, meaning that the outer 1/10th of the screen on each side was covered with curtain. That may have affected my enjoyment of the film a little, which is bad, but we've been given free tickets to see another 2d film, which is good.
p.p.s I was multi-tasking when writing this which is why I didn't notice that it didn't quite make sense...

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