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  • Martyrs



    You'll notice that many of the bad reviews and ratings are by those who have seen the original film. Sure it's not even close in being as shocking, suspenseful and gripping as the French version; but it's not the awful film many are passing it off to be. I've read a few reviews pointing out there are no differences between the two, um. Apart from the first few scenes the films are very different; the outcomes of characters differ as…

  • Bridgend


    Death Town? oh crikey! 

    Those who have died were of all ages, they have not all been teenagers/young adults.

    There are a lot of worse places to live... these unfortunate events are down to personal circumstances. No cult. No serial killer. There was a time in Wales you couldn't pick up a paper/watch the news/listen to the radio without hearing about the suicides... the media were eventually gagged as some relatives blamed the constant coverage for 'glamorising suicide'.

    Have lived…

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  • Whiplash



    Very wise choice in not having Johnny Simmons in the lead role for the full feature, though this short is still great; Miles Teller suited the role better :)

  • Cub



    Slow paced Belgium horror film about a group of Boy Scouts and their leaders who head into the woods on a camping trip; only to be targeted by a monster? half boy half werewolf? whatever it is, they're in danger.

    Cub offers nothing new to fans of the genre; very cliched and will remind them of numerous (better) horror movies released previously. The film it mostly reminded me of was Friday The 13th; though Cub has a lot less gore.

    For myself the ending let the film down; was pissed so little thought had gone into making it more worthwhile.