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  • Donkey Skin
  • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed
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  • We Are Not Speaking the Same Language

  • The Left Hand

  • Municipal Relaxation Module

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  • Skinamarink



    If you heard this is the scariest film you’ll ever see, calm your horses. It is a cheap and boring exploration of horror tropes, and it does not work. I thought it would be an interesting study on how fear unconsciously comes from what we don’t see and how the things we imagine in the dark can scare us more than anything else (especially when forced to look and focus our attention on it through film). But no. Not…

  • No Ghost in the Morgue

    No Ghost in the Morgue

    Moi après une seconde et quart : HEYE C'EST LA VOIX À MONSIEUR PITRE ÇA

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  • Blow



    Scorsese's unwanted very lame child.

  • Only Lovers Left Alive

    Only Lovers Left Alive


    So many brilliant things with this movie.
    Both protagonists make a couple that will become mythic in cinematic history; both being the natural half of the other, completing each other.
    Their cynicism plus all the cultural references make it truly delightful. And the love one has for literature and the other for music, metaphorically meaning those things are further most the most immortal things we can carry and share, beautiful!