Blood for Dracula ★★★½

The music is beautiful, truly. The intro scene is also wonderfully shot, and a joy to watch on its own - even more easy to appreciate knowing they had finished shooting Frankenstein earlier that day. The sets are also quite gorgeous, though they all seem to be in a state of decay.
But besides all that, it's a little too typical of Warhol. Granted, he had next to nothing to do with the production, but it still reeks of his lack of artistry. The movie is random, absurd, nonsensical and campy. I do like some of the innovations they came up with though. It was very refreshing to have a frail Dracula, really cursed with vampirism, rather than a buff superman.
Also, the Italian tagline for this film was hilarious: Dracula comes in search of virgin blood, and dies of thirst!