In Bruges ★★★★★

I'd been meaning to watch this film for a while - years, in fact - but I never got around to it. I finally remembered it a couple of days ago, and got hold of it. I immediately regretted not watching it sooner. It doesn't even feel like a comedy, it started off very melancholy with just a pinch of dark humour. It had its wildly comedic scenes, but they weren't done in the sort of surreal, decidedly unrealistic way most comedies employ.
And the rest of the time it was incredibly moving, very much thanks to the score by Carter Burwell. The scenery of Bruges was also breathtaking. It is a film whose only flaw was that it didn't last longer.
It also was surprisingly frank about gore. It wasn't exploited or excessive - just very realistic and the movie was completely not shy about what happens to bodies when they get shot or fall off towers.

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