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  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Gosford Park
  • Withnail & I
  • Ripley's Game
  • The Wisdom of Crocodiles

Films for my friend to watch if only he'd listen to me

13 films

G, you bastard, this is for you.

  • The Name of the Rose
  • Interview with the Vampire
  • Dracula
  • Shadow of the Vampire
  • Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

Atmospheric - ranked chronologically

12 films

A list of movies that are immersing, distracting, absorbing in the mood they create. Some are films I love in…

  • The Lion in Winter
  • Atonement
  • Sleuth
  • The Sheltering Sky
  • Rembrandt's J'Accuse...!


25 films

Le mew. Le purrrr.

To anyone wondering what the heck: this is a list of movie recommendations for a good…

  • We Have a Pope
  • The Name of the Rose
  • Black Narcissus
  • The Conclave
  • Becket

Movies about the church

18 films

I already have a list similar to this but I felt like making a more specific one. I have a…

  • Ridicule
  • The Lion in Winter
  • Sleuth
  • Sleuth
  • Full Metal Jacket


18 films

A list of movies with the wittiest dialogue. It's always a great pleasure when I come across a film that…

  • Fight Club
  • Insomnia
  • Shame
  • Inception
  • The Dark Knight

So tell me about your mother...

16 films

Movies dealing with psychology very often get things wrong - which isn't unusual for such a complex and volatile area.…

  • Fight Club
  • 300
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • American Beauty
  • Dune

Get off your ass: the irony list

5 films

There are some movies that regardless of their artistic merit use ideas that are inspirational, at least to me. Fight…

  • The Lion in Winter
  • Judgment at Nuremberg
  • The Damned
  • The Sheltering Sky
  • Phaedra

The 20 best movies you've never seen

19 films

Most of the highest rated, and more popular, movies on this site certainly deserve their spot. But there are also…

  • Lolita
  • Death in Venice
  • M. Butterfly
  • The Piano
  • The Night Porter

Fucked up love letters

20 films

I'm not a big fan of romance films, but those that add a pinch of crazy are some of my…

  • Se7en
  • Psycho
  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Dahmer
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Serial Killers

18 films

I love, love, love serial killer movies. Some are good, some not so good... But when they're good, they're awesome.…

  • The Ninth Day
  • The Damned
  • Au Revoir les Enfants
  • The Night Porter
  • Inglourious Basterds


10 films

I am firmly of the opinion that allegory, politics and propaganda have no place in films. This gives me the…

  • Psycho
  • The Draughtsman's Contract
  • The Piano
  • In Bruges
  • The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

Music in film

15 films

Some films owe a great part of their effect to the score, which sometimes gets overlooked. A lot of directors…