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  • The Grudge 2

    The Grudge 2


    A confusing narrative with a lot of jumping from unknown person to unknown person. The scares were there but perhaps more explanation of who is who and what they are doing and why would be nice. Perhaps film number 3 will explain it all.

  • Midsommar



    Stunning scenery, makes you want to visit sweden. The drug scenes are done well and for me, just points to the "never used drugs" morale because it just looks lie a horrible experience.
    Not a traditional horror, just some gruesome (gore) scenes and an interesting unexpected storyline.
    I did like it, and you can see how it could happen in real life with people getting brainwashed by cults.

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  • Quanta



    Nice little film to come out of (presumably) australia. It's simple premise, lack of any action and emotional involvement is countered by the believable performances of the main characters. It very much could be a fly on the wall type of film as the performances are understated, realistic, well timed and thought out.
    Vaguely believable science but not by much.
    Have to compliment the score, that was worth listening to, some beautiful sounds in the film.
    Worth watching but not worth telling anyone you have watched it (if you get my meaning).

  • The Red Turtle

    The Red Turtle


    Surprisingly enjoyable film, even with no dialog you could follow it and could tell exactly what is going on. Ok so it is a bit whimsical and no explanation about the "why" of it but that doesnt detract from how well it was put together.
    Happy to recommend it for a sunday afternoon movie.