The Secret in Their Eyes

The Secret in Their Eyes ★★★★

In a word, this movie is phenomenal. This is a splendid multilayered film which skillfully alternates between the present and past, as it seamlessly intertwines a murder mystery, love story, and judicial injustice. It builds upon the very essence of life: a sequence of key moments that can completely change our destinies if we recognize them for what they are, held together by the long ordinary days in between where we don't feel remarkable enough to act. Tragic, moving, believable, comical, sentimental, and flawless, this flick transcends us into that special place, into the very essence of the characters, blessed with all of their faults, and treats each viewer to one of the best cinematic ride of a lifetime. Every aspect of this film shines, with stellar acting, superb direction and storytelling, strong characters, competent use of the timeline, and a great camera work. A MODERN CLASSIC !

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