• We Are the Nobles

    We Are the Nobles


    Fun fact: this movie lasted more than 6 months in movie theaters because of how well the tickets were selling, and it’s the third most watched film in cinemas in Mexico’s history

    This is such a comforting film and the Nobles are just everything to me ❤️ I highly recommend you guys to check this out

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    The movie references, the animation, the personality of every character, just... 🥺

  • Things Heard & Seen

    Things Heard & Seen

    Felt like I was watching 3-4 different stories trying to be one, this was a Hollywood horror cliche, no one hates Amanda Seyfried more than her agent

  • The Heat

    The Heat


    There’s something about Paul Feig films that no matter how many times I watch them, I’ll always be laughing with my soul the whole time

  • Nobody



    “I’m gonna fuck you up”

    I have never wanted to get punched by someone so bad, this film was cool as fuck!!!

  • Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour

    Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour


    This show is unbelievable, I can’t imagine how it must have felt to experience this live, Taylor Swift is such a talented artist and she expresses it on her lyrics, performances and creativity, I’m glad I took a chance to listen to folklore and evermore and because I loved them I wanted to found more about Taylor, for sure found many many other songs that I already saved in my phone, what a concert kinda brought back the nostalgia

  • Dazed and Confused

    Dazed and Confused


    For someone who has never smoked a joint in his life  i shouldn’t be wanting to smoke one so bad right now, this film is just vibes and good outfits, this is now one of my favorite films of all time

  • Carrie



    I think she did it but I just can’t prove it

  • We Can Be Heroes

    We Can Be Heroes

    Why do you Letterboxd users hate fun? Why?

  • This Is the End

    This Is the End


    I would very also like to go to heaven with Seth Rogen and sing to the Backstreet Boys

  • Blow Out

    Blow Out


    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!! I have only seen 2 Brian de Palma films and I feel like he’s going to be one of my favorite directors of all time, films about film making are always god tier, and the fireworks scene bro Wonder Woman 84 was scared!

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    If this man went insane in a big ass hotel imagine how it’s been for me and my family during this lockdown in a house with only one bathroom