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  • Concussion



    How do you take such a fascinating subject, one which deals with a huge corporate entity trying to smash an individual and his reputation, and make such a boring movie? The moments when the film is dealing with the science and Omalu's search for the reason for retired NFL player's dementia is riveting. But either the producer or the film company decided that women wouldn't probably go to see it, so they focus over half of the film's length, dealing…

  • Spotlight



    I thought I'd never utter or type these words...I've lost my love for films. I've spent a lot of money amassing a large collection of DVDs, which mostly sit in folders, unwatched. Over the last few years, I've bemoaned the fact that a majority of the films coming out of Hollywood are complete crap. A couple of nights ago, I was searching through the Redbox website, and after meandering throughout all the cinemuck, saw Spotlight. I've been pretty much out…

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  • Becoming Jane

    Becoming Jane


    While this was a beautifully shot film, it really didn't do much for me. Maybe it was the fact that Anne Hathaway seemed ill suited for the role, or it just came across as too modern an approach to telling a story that should have been much more prim. I found it very predictable and never really became invested in either of the two lead characters or their romance. I guess if you are into Miss Austen's novels, then this…

  • The Big Parade

    The Big Parade


    After finishing this film I finally came to realize why I love silent films so much. Not being tied to a sound stage and studio, the films of this era had a realism that would disappear in Hollywood until after the Second World War and the advent of hand held cameras. The battle scenes in this epic film definitely rival those of Wings and All Quiet on the Western Front, two seminal war films made just a few years later.…