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  • Papa Hemingway in Cuba

    Papa Hemingway in Cuba


    Is everyone hating on this because it isn't deifying alcoholism the way everyone on the internet loves to do when they talk about writers like Hemingway?? Boo Hoo. Alcoholism isn't fun.

    Don't get me wrong this isn't that terrific of a film, but it wasn't horrible either. Just an interesting topic that had pretty good cinematography when it wanted to and that's kind of it. Worth a watch if you're into things mildly related to Cuba.

  • Home Again

    Home Again

    All I can say is that many of the lines in this movie were delivered very similarly to how lines are delivered on Decker. 

    Edit: switched jecker to decker. Typo.

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  • It



    I HATE this clown, and I HATE this movie. Well done all around. 

    Edit: Sorry if nobody got invites.

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    My mother is beginning to make fun of me for how much I like a 'chick movie'.

    Well, mom. IT'S NOT A CHICK MOVIE.