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  • Power Rangers

    Power Rangers

    "The problem is... that when these teens take their final stand in downtown Angel Grove, far from becoming individuals, or even part of a small quirky ‘band’, they have instead been corporatised and commodified as mere cogs in a bigger machine, and do battle, tellingly, to defend the local outlet of a global franchise..."
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  • Mourning Grave

    Mourning Grave

    "“Multiple personality disorder occurs when the original personality can’t stand the pain and anger, and hides behind a new personality.”

    These words are spoken in Mourning Grave by Kang Sun-il (Kim Jung-tae) to his nephew In-su (Kang Ha-neul). In context, Sun-il is talking about a ghost with a split identity – after all, both Sun-il and In-su are mediums, having inherited the power to see ghosts from In-su’s great grandfather, who was a powerful exorcist. Yet in talking of multiple…

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  • Body Melt

    Body Melt

    "Painting his narrative canvas – and his grotesque characters – in broad, splashy strokes, Brophy does not hold back, letting vomit, mucus, blood, face-hugging placentas, snaking tongues, disintegrating penises, protruding ribs and tentacular insides all come pouring out in a nightmarish flood of vibrant psychedelic colours. The sheer variety and inventiveness of the gore (courtesy of Bob McCarron’s special makeup effects), coupled with the knowingly dumb, anything-goes humour, make Body Melt almost rival Jim Muro’s Street Trash (1987) for the Melt Movies Throne."
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  • They Look Like People

    They Look Like People

    "...down in the basement the film's dual status as indie buddy movie and psychological horror converges into one. This climactic sequence, unbearably tense but also profoundly moving, takes friendship to its outer limits, while presenting the most alarming aspects of mental illness in the most sympathetic of lights."
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