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  • Makeup Room

    Makeup Room

    "Made on a skinflick’s non-budget, this is frank, funny metaporn, slyly exposing erotic cinema as just another job that exploits its workers’ rivalries, vanities and anxieties."
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  • R100


    "a hilariously transgressive Ode to Joy, where orgasm is all in the mind."
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  • They Look Like People

    They Look Like People

    "...down in the basement the film's dual status as indie buddy movie and psychological horror converges into one. This climactic sequence, unbearably tense but also profoundly moving, takes friendship to its outer limits, while presenting the most alarming aspects of mental illness in the most sympathetic of lights."
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  • Nymphomaniac


    review from Film4 (slightly altered)

    Descriptive synopsis: Controversial Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier rounds off his 'Trilogy of Depression' with a tale (in two parts) of sexual liberation, oppression and exploitation.

    "Fill all my holes, please."
    It is perhaps not as catchy as the line "Chaos reigns" from Lars von Trier's Antichrist (2009), the first film of the so-called 'Trilogy of Depression' (which Nymphomaniac closes) - but nonetheless it is a line repeated several times by the heroine…