Do the Right Thing ★★★★★

An absolute masterpiece of a film, and on my second viewing, I certainly appreciated it a little more. It's not so much about race, as it is people. It's a series of characters' stories that all intertwine on a hot day, and it just shows how little it takes for people to turn on each other.

I love the way it's filmed - almost like a stage play, which works really well in the overall telling of the stories. Just the little things as well, like John Turturro's biggot, Pino, who wears white all the time, while his brother wears black.

Spike Lee may have his critics, but this is by far his strongest piece of work, and whether or not you agree with the messages and arguments portrayed in this, no can deny that it's stunningly filmed and like other Lee films, while he lays the facts out on table, he never offers a conclusion. Simply because issues like this don't have a Hollywood-schmaltzy conclusion. Something that perhaps Crash, 15 years later, should have taken note of.