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  • What Places of Heaven, What Planets Directed, How Long the Effects? or, The General Accidents of the World
  • Marginalia
  • Ember Days
  • Fragmentation of night

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  • Invincible



    The first half was pretty good and I wish it had continued exploring the theme of a man participating in something against his beliefs. I also loved the crab and jellyfish sequences as well as the hypnosis scene. Other than that, many decisions seem poor and questionable. At times It feels like the narrative and metaphors are force-fed and overly explained and at other times, things appear out of nowhere, with little to no context or explanation. Most of the…

  • Meeting Gorbachev

    Meeting Gorbachev


    Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad film. It’s just that knowing what Herzog can achieve this one comes out a little vague. He could easily make a few more insightful docs with the topics he barely covered here. Though I have to appreciate the questions about Gorbachev’s late wife, the coverage of The Baltic Way and the destruction of the Berlin wall and most of all the beer loving slugs bit on Austrian TV.

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