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  • Angst



    Damn. It’s safe to say that this movie wrecked me; I had a very difficult time shaking this one off afterwards. Like the Australian masterpiece, SNOWTOWN, it left me with an overwhelmingly cold and emotionless feeling. If a film can leave me with such a long-lasting gut punch, it has succeeded in what it set out to do. Although I feel like it was slightly over-hyped for me in ways, ANGST still kicked me while I was down. It was…

  • XX



    "XX" is a horror anthology film written and directed by a bevy of talented filmmakers. Although each segment features quite a few excellent concepts, the film can't help but feel empty in the long run. However, for the time being, "XX" works and earns it's place as a worthy candidate into the crowded anthology film genre. With a Švankmajer-esque animation that serves as a bridge between each segment, it's sad to say that it doesn't really serve a purpose beyond…

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  • Snowpiercer



    Hands down, one of the greatest science fiction films I've seen in years. Not only is it an audaciously ambitious art-house action spectacular, but also a taut social allegory about class and power.

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant



    I can't even put together a proper review right now. DiCaprio. Hardy. Lubezki. Iñárritu. The score is absolutely haunting and one of the best parts of this film without a doubt. Lubezki's cinematography is easily the best of the year, esp. considering that it's all done by natural light. All of the set-pieces were truly astonishing, esp. that of the bear attack scene. It's bone-chilling and visceral and it left my jaw on the floor for a while after.…