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  • City Slickers

    City Slickers


    A pretty good comedy about finding happiness. It’s silly fun with a good heart.

  • Aliens



    Aliens, is still the real deal when it comes to pure terror.

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  • Prisoners



    PRISONERS is one hell of a film. An intense thrill ride from start to finish. Devastating, heart-breaking, suspenseful, horrifying, ruthless, unforgettable,  are a bunch of words that best describe this film. One of the absolute best thrillers of it’s kind, it’s right up there with SE7EN, ZODIAC and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

  • The Snowman

    The Snowman


    I don’t think I can find the proper words to describe this disaster of a film, the film melts and keeps melting until there is nothing left. But coming to think of it there was nothing there in the first place. A god-awful mystery-thriller that lacks in mystery and thrills, it’s more like moronic and  terrible. The film even looks ugly, from the editing and cinematography, it all looks like amateur porn, but not the enjoyable type. Even worse, it’s…