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  • Memories of Matsuko

    Memories of Matsuko


    the amount of suffering on screen builds and builds and honestly felt like too much, exploitative to the point where i almost stopped caring, until the ending which put the story, for me, in a new light and gave it all real meaning and weight and i was once again sobbing

    i definitely need to rewatch this and it will probably become one of my favorites but for now ill leave it with a 4 just because of how uncomfortable i was in the middle

  • Magic



    well im gonna have nightmares about that fucking puppet for weeks but it was worth it bc this was actually a really good movie and anthony hopkins looked SO good!!!

    also how was this depressing and terrifying at the same time god

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  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell


    "yeah this movie is whitewashed but it's also a criticism of whitewashing so its revolutionary... handled so well" (basically what i gathered skimming reviews)

    why don't y'all just shut the fuck up and cast rinko kikuchi instead of this boring ass white lmfaoooo

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    wheat: located
    gays: saved
    xenomorphs: big
    alien franchise: revitalized
    sergeant lope: the hottest man alive

    my wig??????? flung out of the Covenant and floating in space