The East

The East ★★★

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Acting/Performances: 60/100
Cinematography: 70/100
Storyline: 45/100
Screenplay: 50/100
Soundtrack: 70/100
Entertainment Value: 55/100
Average Score: 58/100

The East is never as smart as it tries to be. What could've been a good film, turns out to be bland, un-enthralling, and frankly, boring. The performances are very mediocre; never reaching any high depths. This may be a result of the characterization, but still, the film's cast is unlikable, and the characters are difficult to sympathize with. The storyline, which could've been extraordinary, really doesn't go anywhere. It's like a platonic relationship: it's bland, uninteresting, and too ordinary to be appealing. Overall, the film isn't close to what it could've been. It drags on for its 2 hour runtime, and the content is too bland to be a successful thriller.

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