Tenet ★★

Setting aside the nonsensical inverted time science bullshit of TENET, all other basic aspects of what a movie needs are also incomprehensible. There is a complete lack of understanding of simple character motivations. The so called “world building” crumbles beneath the heady concepts and has no leg to stand on or ever gives you a sense of where you are or why you’re there. There is some sort of a plan in the movie that is the driving force of what I assume the plot is but it’s so convoluted that you don’t know what is happening or why it’s happening. When you can hear the dialogue under the poor sound mixing you come to realize it’s not dialogue but just exposition spewed out of bland characters mouths like verbal diarrhea. And even if you look past all these flaws and just chalk it up to - “hey it’s just an action movie turn off your brain and enjoy the action” - there is barely any action in this so called “action movie” and when there is action it’s not shot well or edited well to allow you to enjoy it. I am normally a Nolan fan but this movie was a huge miss. At least it looked nice being shot on IMAX film, but other than that everything else felt like a fail.