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  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark


    This movie shouldn’t have happened. It doesn’t feel like Sopranos at all. The look, the sound, the music, the caricature style acting of old beloved characters, and the pacing all feel off. Fifteen minutes into the movie when they have a reference to something from the show I just thought to myself “why am I not watching the Sopranos instead?”

  • Tenet



    Setting aside the nonsensical inverted time science bullshit of TENET, all other basic aspects of what a movie needs are also incomprehensible. There is a complete lack of understanding of simple character motivations. The so called “world building” crumbles beneath the heady concepts and has no leg to stand on or ever gives you a sense of where you are or why you’re there. There is some sort of a plan in the movie that is the driving force of…