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  • Dune



    honestly, my favorite part of this film experience was being immediately surrounded by an audience where at least half of them seemed to have only shown up because like, there isn't much else playing and they thought they liked sci-fi after watching marvel movies or something. and then...there was one of the darkest sci-fi epics about a jihad (sorry, "crusade" is the branding we use for this one, i guess) ever written translated onto the screen in front of them…

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    i want the movie jeffrey wright and ana de armas were in, which was definitely not the same movie daniel craig et al. were in. it looked way more fun to watch, tbh.

    also: vesper lynd forever! honestly, the fact that all of these movies were really just about bond's emotional journey surrounding her decision at the end of casino royale warms my heart and made for such an interesting character. too bad the rest of the plot around the character was often so terrible.

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  • What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


    fuck rick berman. every time i see his face on screen, i get angry. he drove the later seasons of voyager and all of enterprise into the ground, sexually harassed and generally bullied (kmart, really, motherfucker?!) terry farrell so she wouldn't even come back for the ds9 finale flashbacks (or didn't let her, more likely), and did a bunch of other petty and horrible shit to other actors among so much other general jackassitry and we're still worshipping this motherfucker?…

  • Ponyo



    this is almost so cute as to be unbearable. two stinkin' cute five-year-olds doing the little mermaid but innocent and adorable and so much better. this movie is a prime example of how miyazaki understands children and childhood and can translate that onto the screen for us adults to get all nostalgic about. ugh, so cute!!