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  • Superman II

    Superman II


    petition to go back in time and make all of the sequels to this just be screwball comedies with this doofy-ass clark kent working stories with pulitzer prize-winning journalist lois lane.

    or, honestly, just a whole movie of doofy-ass clark kent. he's such a delight!

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  • Satan



    i do not miss spending my time with late-teens/early-20s dudes. the bar/club fight alone gave me "uuuuuugghhh idiots now i gotta clean up this mess" flashbacks. (you couldn't pay me enough to go back to my late-teens/early-20s, tbh.)

    honestly, this movie was so bad but i laughed so much during it that i enjoyed it immensely. at one point i had to pause it for a while because i couldn't stop laughing. vincent cassel looked like he was having the…

  • What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


    fuck rick berman. every time i see his face on screen, i get angry. he drove the later seasons of voyager and all of enterprise into the ground, sexually harassed and generally bullied (kmart, really, motherfucker?!) terry farrell so she wouldn't even come back for the ds9 finale flashbacks, and we're still worshipping this motherfucker? no. fuck rick berman.

    aside from my blinding rage every time that motherfucker appeared on screen, this was a delightful documentary for the fans. very…

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  • Ponyo



    this is almost so cute as to be unbearable. two stinkin' cute five-year-olds doing the little mermaid but innocent and adorable and so much better. this movie is a prime example of how miyazaki understands children and childhood and can translate that onto the screen for us adults to get all nostalgic about. ugh, so cute!!

  • The Grudge

    The Grudge

    this is a movie best watched with an audience that enjoys bad horror movies, especially if you're like me and start laughing every time people shriek at a jump-scare. i was lucky to have a seatmate who provided running commentary under his breath for the whole movie, which infinitely improved my experience (and contributed to my general sense of mirth).

    all that said, this movie is bad. (as is typical for a january horror movie, so you get what you…