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  • Parasite



    As a socially conscious American (lol I read the news, the REAL news from the INTERNET), let me just say how refreshing it is to see our lovely Asian cousins making a nice little think piece about CLASS STRATIFICATION. I mean like.. as an American right? I kind just assume we're the only civilized country and like no one else deals with like western problems and stuff.. hehe.. but then these North Koreans come out of NOWHERE with this incredible…

  • 1917



    Haha I like pretty colour

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  • Vermilion Souls

    Vermilion Souls


    Anyone that feels their taste remotely aligns with mine needs to view this ASAP. If you need help finding it just let me know. It is unable to be purchased as it has never been properly released. Vermilion Souls is easily one of the greatest pieces of art I have ever experienced. I can't think of much more to say.

  • Irreversible



    Before I talk about this film, I need to comment on something. Reading all of these reviews has made me conclude that this film must have the single most pretentious fanbase of any feature I've seen thus far.

    ✓ Time destroys everything
    ✓ Repeat things other reviewer said about beauty vs brutality using flowery synonyms
    ✓ maybe time also heals? amirite?

    Now that I got that out of the way.. This is not a feel good film.…