Annette ★★★★★

Big Daddy Carax has single handedly dunked on every feature film released in the 2020s thus far. 

Many auteur directors following some sort of success have had a passion project musical in mind, very few of said musicals have actually worked.

Although theres many to reference, ill use Scorsese and Chazelle as an example.
Marty, following the scortching hot critical success of Taxi Driver  decided to embark on the ambitious venture of his passion project musical: New York , New York (1977) - which was ill timed as Scorsese was at his peak cocaine usage and had poor judgement towards making the bulk of material improvised dialogue. The movie was a bust.

Contrastingly Damien Chazelle following the heat from Whiplash decided to execute his also ambitious passion project musical with La La Land (2016) which earned a kind of success, but as far as the genre  goes, it hardly left a mark.

I truly hope that Chazelle sees Annette and winces in pain and embarrassment at how comparatively bad his impression of a musical is compared to big daddy Carax.
Too see what an actual personal investment into the material and lyrics actually does to a films sensibility .

Leos Carax  has struck gold. Carax’s awareness for sensibility on how music, casting , mise en scene, simplistic but not too on the nose lyrics, and framing should contribute fantastically compliment the glorious, grand and freighting ambition the material demands.

I cant even imagine how this film was executed, even if the screenplay was thorough, theres way too much artistic liberties that the actors must have taken to create those weirdly out of place cues and to build this enigmatic world .

Its so fantastic, even at times funny with how versatile Driver is with his singing, where some lyrics become more like mantras and delivered dead pan- easily the role of Driver’s lifetime as it lets him utilise all the talent hes admired for.

Cotillard is intentionally haunting and angelic.
The real standout is the doll , i dont know how but this concept was actually refreshing and not disillusioning at all

The films subject matter and musings on human experience , particularly that of pondering anger and lost time is so genuinely affecting through its visual story telling aiding the simple yet wounding lyrics it accompanies. Every scene alluding to a bigger idea, transcending the film its self with its conceptions.

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