Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★★

Holy fuck, this made me cum ngl. Might just be the most postmodern shit I've ever witnessed. Out 1 ought to be impossible to pull off, but then Rivette is a magician. Its impossible for me to even begin to dissect this, so I'll restrain this "review" to bland praise. The film is such a beautiful mix of planned structure and improvization. The threads are waaay too woven in and interconnected to even begin to unravel. This level of richness in themes surpasses both art and real life. Out 1 seems more real than real life and therefore more bizarre, shocking, weird, funny and mundane (though never boring, as the top review on this site points out). Hands down unique like nothing else ever made.

EDIT: Yeah guys just confirmed. This is the greatest thing I've ever watched.

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