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  • Women Without Men

    Women Without Men


    Had to watch for class, so meh.

  • Becoming Cary Grant

    Becoming Cary Grant


    I know Cary Grant had a more troubling and darker past but this documentary seems so bleak for a man with a lively on screen persona and I don’t think this entirely reflects that. I’m also not a fan of recreating moments in documentaries with other actors it’s kinda cringy. Towards the end it gets more sentimental and sweet but for the first twenty minutes it’s pretty dark.

  • Batman Ninja

    Batman Ninja


    This is a lot of give and take because every time something incredibly stupid happens, and it does go that far, something really cool happens. Stupid: the bats fuse with the mega monkey to create a giant Batman. Cool: all the art put into this film is amazing and beautiful

    This goes between a lot of different designs which is really cool but also jarring. I would rather have them stick with one than jump between 5. I don’t like…

  • This Means War

    This Means War


    Girl are you crazy I would’ve easily picked Tom Hardy then the movie would only be two minutes long or better yet Tom Hardy and Chris Pine have so much chemistry that they should just get married.

  • Paterno



    Pacino finally doing something good in his career that doesn’t involve Marty

  • Detroit



    This is hands down the scariest movie of the year so much so that when I left the theater I got sick to my stomach. This is my Deer Hunter in which I mean that this film felt so real that I felt as though I had gone through this especially since being African American you really feel more emotion. This is definitely a film that you watch once and get emotionally scarred by it and never watch it again.

  • Corpse Bride

    Corpse Bride


    I just realized that Johnny Depp was the lead voice role also somehow this looks worse in quality compared to The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • The Postman Always Rings Twice

    The Postman Always Rings Twice


    80s Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange 👌 also this movie feels ways longer than it should.

  • Born Yesterday

    Born Yesterday


    I really don’t understand why this film didn’t connect with me. I think it’s because I was expecting more William Holden (great in the part given though). This sounds ignorant but I could not get over Judy Holliday’s voice, go ahead and crucify me but there’s no way in hell she beat out Gloria Swanson I refuse to believe that even if I liked this movie. I don’t know I’ll probably have to rewatch this later and hopefully I feel different about it.

  • Mute



    This doesn’t hold a candle to Moon but I did enjoy it very much. As a Blade Runner fan I’m a fan of the look of this film because they’re very similar but I won’t lie, in the beginning this film was doing some very on the nose Blade Runnery things that were pissing me off but it’s all good now. 

    Positives: I think Alexander Skarsgård, whom I love, for what he’s given gives a great emotional performance for a…

  • Sabrina



    It’s strange that both versions of this film have gorgeous lead actresses that play the role as unnoticeable to her male crush. How could you miss her?! Also I don’t believe Greg Kinnear as David I haven’t seen the original but I know William Holden’s acting style and to me he has more charm and can convince me that he is a man who can’t commit. But I think Harrison Ford (the reason I watched this) is a very convincing…

  • Batman and Harley Quinn

    Batman and Harley Quinn


    I never found Harley Quinn annoying in any form of that character I very much love this character. Not in the Arkham Series, not in the animated series, nothing! But by god she royally bothered me in this movie. Arleen Sorkin has been swapped out for other voice actresses in the Harley Quinn role before and I’ve never had a problem but this time it really got under my skin.

     This has happened before, it happened in Mystery of the…