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  • Pinocchio



    Gideon is so gender

  • Earwig and the Witch

    Earwig and the Witch


    Why did the climax start at the last 2 minutes? COVID had to be the reason for it’s incompleteness, I refuse to believe they were satisfied by that. Not even 2D animation could save this but it would’ve at least kept me more engaged.

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho



  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    J*red L*to will be paying for each and every one of his crimes

  • Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

    Da Sweet Blood of Jesus


    I hate admitting to not liking a Spike film but I’ve seen this and Ganja and Hess too many times at this point and I just can’t. BUT Rami Malek and good sass save this movie. I could watch his scenes all day

  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby


    Jay-Z and Beyoncé are billionaires because of every English teacher who plays this movie nonstop when teach this god damn book

  • Space Jam: A New Legacy

    Space Jam: A New Legacy


    Two stars cause Don Cheadle had the most fun out of anyone. He really got paid to call Lebron a bad dad for two hours. Good for him

    Also didn’t think anyone could out act Michael Jordan in terms of poor acting and unbelievability (not that I expected anything more from him but damn Lebron was awful)

  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    Amy please... we are starving

  • The Addams Family

    The Addams Family


    2020 spooky movies 

    Imagine Oscar Isaac in all those suits…

  • The Producers

    The Producers


    The exact moment Matthew Broderick opened his mouth I checked out. He is doing the most in all the worst ways possible. He’s trying so hard to do Wilder without actually bringing anything to the role. Nathan Lane carries this and the 20 minutes Uma Thurman is in this she’s great, but I really wish I hadn’t wasted my time.

  • Queen & Slim

    Queen & Slim


    Remember when Jordan Peele had an alternate ending for Get Out where Chris actually got arrested for defending himself but then changed it to Rod showing up because he thought it was too dark? Yea well this movie sure played me for a fool. Why can’t we just get movies where black people are happy just once?

    And it’s so unfortunate because this really had me. The cinematography was so lush and dreamy and the soundtrack, playing so many beloved…

  • The Stepford Wives

    The Stepford Wives


    This movie completely stripped away Nicole Kidman’s character’s agency and gave it to Matthew Broderick to make him look like a good man that it completely contradicts its “message.” This has no grasp on what women actually want and it’s just a bunch of unfunny stereotypes that barely scratch the surface on being a commentary about how men want to control women. Two stars because of Nicole Kidman’s haircut and Bette Midler is legit funny.