Dune ★★★★★

That's how you kick off a science-fiction saga! From the first minute on, I was immersed in this universe and wanted to know more about the world and its characters. It's been a very long time that a universe catched my interest that much.
Denis Villeneuve managed to make a mainstream blockbuster that is still very profound, which is extremely hard to pull off. The scenario around the "Spice" is a very good metaphor for all the "oil wars" we have in our world and also for colonialism and how we exploit the third world.
The writing is great, the actors are all brilliant, especially Rebecca Ferguson and Timothée Chalamet, and the movie looks wonderful. Dune is definitely one of the contestants for best cinematography this year.
I know it's too early make a statement like this, but so far I believe Denis Villeneuve is creating a film series that will become an absolute classic, a film series we will still remember and talk about years after it came out. He's a great director and I think he can do that.

A fantastic start to a hopefully fantastic saga. I'm already looking forward to the sequel!