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  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    [This is my full 3 PAGE IMPROMPTU ESSAY I handed into my film professor on why I disliked this film. This essay was not even close to the assignment. All we needed to do was hand in viewing notes, but I just needed to vent! Huge Spoilers! Enjoy.]

    An Informal Essay for Discussion’s Sake (This is strictly my opinion on the film as well as for discussion purposes. I in no way, shape or form intend for this to be…

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  • Dual



    Conceptually I think it’s interesting, execution leaves a lot to be desired. Especially in the dialogue and delivery of said dialogue. I have no idea why everyone gave robotic/emotionless/monotone line deliveries throughout the film. I read a user’s review on here (sorry I forget the username) who mentioned the whole film was obvious satire. So maybe that could be the reason. But it’s never explained, and i’ve learned about myself that I have trouble identifying satire in movies. So taking…

  • Mulan



    Dropped half a star, just because I realized the climax of the film feels rushed and defeating the villain felt too easy. Also, not a fan of the first song, but literally every other song after that is a banger. 
    One more thing i’ll mention that i’m probably late to the party on, but this 100% can be interpreted to be a trans story. Interesting!
    But yeah this is a classic, just had more nitpicks with this re-watch.

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  • Titane



    The best way to describe Titane would be to picture if I were a witch concocting a potion that resulted in the creation of Titane. I’d take Christine (1983), Under the Skin (2013), Possessor (2020) and a portion of The Fly (1986) and mix them all in a pot. With a heavy sprinkle of Showgirls (1995), Titane would be formed.

    It’s an absolute wild ride of body-horror, murder, sex and wtf-moments. 

    Wonderfully acted by all involved. Obviously the stand out…

  • Signs



    I think it's safe to say this is my favorite M. Night flick. Narrowly beating out Sixth Sense for me. The suspense worked, great character development and decent CGI. While it still has M. Night's chunky dialogue, it does have his best acting performance. The acting worked and the twist is the only thing that is questionable. The, "See, swing away" conversation on the couch gave me chills as well.


    I have heard this many times before watching,…