Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Down and dirty fun with zombie imagery/gore! Zack Snyder had a whole heap of fun directing this bloody flick and it shows with his camera work. 
The entertainment value here, at least in the back-half of the film, rests with how well you can switch your brain off.
Some character motivations come out of nowhere while others are very transparent. Characters are either predictable or completely random in their decision making. 
Also found it wildly evident that Tig Nataro was not present for principle photography. She seemed to be tacked on. Her character’s introduction was the biggest proof of that. She definitely was not on that set with the other actors. 
I digress, the fun is in the action! The zombie kills were fantastically entertaining as well as with the zombies themselves. Thinking zombies will always be more intriguing. 
The opening of the flick is really cool and that cool tone does last through the entire runtime. I would say it felt a bit long. Snyder could have cut 1 or 2 characters out of the whole film and it wouldn’t have changed that much.
Overall, it is a fun watch! I would watch this again with some friends and a bowl of popcorn. It just didn’t WOW me.

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