Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Tricky film to star. Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood has a charisma that every time I think about, I like it a bit more. 

Some negatives: Talk about a film that meanders! There isn’t a concrete plot. It’s just a 160 minute snippet of what the late 60’s/early 70’s life in Hollywood is like. Following Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth as they do stuff and then following Sharon Tate who does stuff, but not as much stuff as Dalton and Booth. And then the climax happens and it ends. 
Some positives: Cinematography and set design are off the charts! Such a pretty film that probably carries the charisma. That charisma also lies within the performances. Leo and Pitt’s chemistry is great and Robbie’s small but important role has an innocence that is a breathe of fresh air in the film.

Long story short, I wouldn’t rewatch it again and again. I would even let some time go by before I watch it again. Although I checked my watch a few times and felt like it was a half-hour too long, I did love visiting the time Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood loves so much. The love rubs off on the audience.

The ending is a reward for being patient and sitting through the film. Unlike the rest of the film, it’s so Tarantino I loved it!

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