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  • The Queen

    The Queen


    this works better as a documentation of an icon moment in queer history rather than groundbreaking documentary filmmaking
    i like how it starts off as a typical low budget cinema verite film about the process and preparation behind a drag queen pageant yet crystal labeija's outburst in the end gives it a sort of culminative feeling, as if all the tone deaf and disafected recording of the event lead up to her yelling at the judges for crowning the wrong…

  • Grey Gardens

    Grey Gardens


    thank you jinkx monsoon

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  • Black Mirror: USS Callister

    Black Mirror: USS Callister


    A royal "fuck you" to nerd culture. A wonderful deconstruction of the trite and exhausted misunderstood genius archetype. I was honestly not expecting this episode to take the turn that it did, it started off confusing us into thinking that this would be another story of getting consumed by the commodities of virtual reality, projecting all your insecurities onto an invented better version of yourself. But Robert wasn't an example of any of that, he was sadistic, power hungry, vile,…

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    absolutely abhorrent movie i don't even know where to start with this
    for the sake of not being repetitive i'll refrain from commenting on singer because i don't think i can add anything new to that discussion and i don't think he deserves it; let's hope this be the last we'll ever see of such a despicable man
    as for the qualities of the actual movie let me just make a quick disclaimer: yes, i was prejudiced towards this movie…